About Us

Our Approach
We teach mostly private and semi private lessons and all our horses are classically trained and professionally schooled.
“My aim is to help you to understand what effect your style of riding has on the horse’s balance and movement and how by correcting your position, a harmonious partnership can be achieved. “ Lessons take place in a safe and pleasant environment where every rider enjoys the instructor’s focused attention. We progress with care and always at your pace.
“The theory of riding is relatively simple but I’ll help you to understand more clearly how to take its principles and put them into practice.”

About Minette
Minette’s teaching has evolved from her wide equestrian experience. She has successfully competed in dressage, showing, show jumping, eventing, endurance, flat and jump racing, in the US and UK. She now teaches, judges and writes on equine matters.
Minette has insights gained from teaching over 20,000 lessons and an approach that draws on the Alexander Technique.
Unusually, for a teacher of her expertise, Minette works with ordinary horses and everyday riders, as well as teaching riders of international standard.

About Ham House Stables
Just 10 minutes from Richmond and Kingston stations, Ham House Stables is a tranquil retreat for horse lovers and riders of all abilities.
Owned and run by Minette Rice Edwards, the ABRS approved stables offer a full range of livery, schooling and teaching.