Equine-Assisted Learning

At Ham House Stables, we create an environment in which our horses enable you to understand issues that may be hidden or difficult to express. Horses tend to live in the moment. They are highly sensitive, clear in intent, and empathetic. Because of their presence, they are impossible to ignore and are superb training partners. If you wish to experience things differently; work with us and discover the insights and awareness that horses can bring.

The Team

Minette Rice-Edwards (ABRS Advanced Teaching Diploma) has had a lifetime of understanding how horses and humans interact. She coaches internationally, and has been proprietor of Ham House Stables for over forty years.

Jane Howard (Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Public Relations) has over thirty years of international and award-winning experience, helping organisations and individuals to improve their ability to communicate.

Andy Moody (BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour) has worked with horses for over twenty five years and has facilitated equine-assisted learning for a wide range of individuals and groups. He is currently a senior instructor at Ham House Stables.

Sessions starting in Spring 2020. Enquiries to minette@art-of-riding.com.