Kids’ Club Summer successes!

Super Summer Camp

In the beginning of August the Kids’ Club held a very successful and popular three day summer camp.

Six to seven participants joined each day, some joined us for all three days while a few came a long for a day or two.

Each day, group lessons were held in the sand school, where the children got to practise accuracy through different exercises. Lessons were tailored to each child’s experience.

The children also got involved in stable management which included;

– how to safely lead and tie up a horse

– how to correctly tie up hay-nets

– how to groom the horse before and after riding,

– how to put a saddle and bridle on a horse

– and how to clean out a stable, efficiently.

Work sheets and lovely ‘Well Done’ rosettes in all sorts of colours were handed out to everyone at the end of each day.

‘Vaulting – Taster day’

Seven children attended our vaulting taster day on the 14th of August. All children got to practice gymnastic movements on the ground and on our vaulting barrel before finally trying it out on our own vaulting horse – Paz!

All of the participants did really well and some even managed to stand up on the horses back on their first try!

Vaulting is great for practicing flexibility, balance, coordination, core stability, good sportsmanship and it is also a whole lot of fun for all ages!

Thank you to everyone that made it! The team is looking forward to many more future Kids’ Club days!

The Kids’ Club team