The Team

Minette Rice-Edwards is the proprietor of Ham House Stables.

Minette’s teaching has evolved from her wide equestrian experience. She has successfully competed in dressage, showing, show jumping, eventing, endurance, flat and jump racing, in the US and UK. She now teaches, judges and writes on equine matters. She has the Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) Advanced Teaching Diploma, has insights gained from teaching over 22,000 lessons, and an approach that draws on the Alexander Technique. Unusually, for a teacher of her expertise, Minette works with ordinary horses and everyday riders, as well as teaching riders of international standard.

Suzy Blease is the manager at Ham House Stables

Suzy has BHS Stage 2 and BHS PTT as well as 25 years experience looking after horses. She has worked at Ham House Stables for eight years with the last four as stable manager. Suzy is a first class stable manager…..the welfare of the horses is her primary concern and she maintains a very high quality of care.  She also has a great sense of humour which is essential when running a busy livery and teaching yard!

Kat Pickering is a riding and liberty instructor at Ham House Stables

Kat is a professional stunt rider, and riding instructor. She has performed in Hollywood films and major events around the world, including Horse of the Year Show, and London Olympia. Kat studied Sports Science with Coaching at University. She has a real passion for classical dressage and liberty work, bringing them together with her experience of sports psychology and training horses, to create a holistic teaching approach.

Andy Moody is a riding and natural horsemanship instructor at Ham House Stables

Andy has over twenty five years experience of working with horses.  He is a qualified carriage driving instructor, initially training at The Royal Mews.  A few years ago he began training with Minette in classical riding, and is now one of the instructors at Ham House Stables. Andy has a BSc (Hons) in Animal Behaviour and has a passion for natural horsemanship.

Victoria Walsh is an Alexander Technique instructor at Ham House Stables

Vicky has been trained in the  classical school for many years with Minette Rice-Edwards. Vicky also currently trains with international trainer, Rosalie Harper-Lewis and has earned her British Horse Society AI teaching certificate. She is also a qualified Alexander Technique teacher and specialises in the application of the Alexander Technique to horse riding.

Myriam Waters teaches the Ham House Stables staff  the Alexander Technique 

myriamMyriam graduated in 2004 and trained with Walter Carrington, one of the greatest Alexander Technique masters who trained with Alexander himself for several years.

Myriam says, “My full training course was a very happy and rich learning experience enlightened by the riding lessons I had with Minette Rice Edwards. With Minette I discussed the different aspects of balance and good use and the constant relevance of the technique to horse riding. I had the best of both worlds: at college it was ‘work in hand’ on me by marvellous teachers including Walter. With Minette it was ‘work on the horse’ guided by somebody who has an extraordinary understanding of what is to be in balance and who is more Alexander than any one of us! “

Glen teaches  children at Ham House Stables

Glennroy Jacinto – (Glenn) – Glenn is a well established member of our team.  He has achieved BHS stage 3 Riding and Horse Care. He is the mastermind of the Ham House Stables “Kid’s Club” and organises the childrens’ lessons diary.  He is popular with the children and is a promising coach