Update from Gala Charity “SAFE” – Saving Abandoned Fly-Grazing Equines

Vicki from SAFE writes to tell us what is happening with this charity over the winter,

“We had a successful autumn homing appeal and managed to send six horses off to fabulous homes, including a lovely senior mare, Thelma, who we were expecting to support as a long-term resident because most potential owners are looking for younger animals.  So that has helped as we go into winter – currently we have 9 horses at HQ which is more than enough, but allows each to be stabled overnight to dry out, as the fields are quite swampy as you can imagine!   We have budgeted for four castrations as soon as the colts are mature enough to have the ‘op’, and money raised this summer is being used to install new lighting in the main stable block to help volunteers during the evening shift and to meet new electrical lighting standards.”

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this most worthwhile cause!