Minette is “an asset to the industry”

In mid July, Minette  travelled to Acrecliffe in West Yorkshire to take the Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) Advanced Teaching Diploma, their highest exam grade and the most wide-reaching of all the ABRS qualifications.

She was successful in attaining this Diploma and was described in the ABRS September Newsletter as, “an outstanding candidate and an asset to the industry.”  Minette formally received her award at the ABRS’s annual conference, where a special presentation was made.



NEW: Groundwork and In Hand lessons with Andy


Would you like to learn groundwork inspired by natural horsemanship, or perhaps you would prefer to learn classical in-hand work and long-reining?

During these lessons, you will have the opportunity to create a dynamic relationship between you and the horse. Studying the horse when on your feet gives you greater insight of their movement and a deeper understanding of how to ride with more feel and harmony.

Please contact Andy directly to arrange lessons.  Email: andy@compassionatehorsemanship.org   Mobile: 07856 441 460

Ham House Stables Kids’ Club – Half Term Activities

‘The Kids’ Club’ Half term dates are finally out!

18th – 19th October – Intro Natural Horsemanship

25th – 26th October – Intro Natural Horsemanship

27th October – Halloween Games

Introduction to Natural Horsemanship: 18 & 19 October; 25 & 26 October

Experience natural horsemanship at one of our exclusive two-day courses. The sessions will include ridden and ground based exercises in small groups.

Age limit: 7 years and above.  Timing: 4.00pm – 5.30pm

£80.00 for both days

Halloween Games

Join us for a Halloween inspired afternoon with pony hack treasure hunts and games. Halloween costumes are allowed (as long as they don’t scare the ponies!).

Age limit: 5 years and above.  Timing: 4.15pm – 5.45pm


Please book your slot directly with the stables on 0208 948 6201.

Please be aware that our usual cancellation policy of 48 hrs notice will apply for all ‘Kids’ Club’ activities.

New: working livery available

Working livery wanted for ham House Stable, preferable between 14.2 and 16.00, cob type and well mannered.  The horse will be schooled to a high standard and should be available for giving some quiet lessons.  Working livery includes full care.  Enquiries to Suzy Blease on 0208 948 6201 or 07575 569915 between 7am and 4pm or to Minette Rice-Edwards on 07711 422307 after 7.30pm, 


Kids’ Club Summer successes!

Super Summer Camp

In the beginning of August the Kids’ Club held a very successful and popular three day summer camp.

Six to seven participants joined each day, some joined us for all three days while a few came a long for a day or two.

Each day, group lessons were held in the sand school, where the children got to practise accuracy through different exercises. Lessons were tailored to each child’s experience.

The children also got involved in stable management which included;

– how to safely lead and tie up a horse

– how to correctly tie up hay-nets

– how to groom the horse before and after riding,

– how to put a saddle and bridle on a horse

– and how to clean out a stable, efficiently.

Work sheets and lovely ‘Well Done’ rosettes in all sorts of colours were handed out to everyone at the end of each day.

‘Vaulting – Taster day’

Seven children attended our vaulting taster day on the 14th of August. All children got to practice gymnastic movements on the ground and on our vaulting barrel before finally trying it out on our own vaulting horse – Paz!

All of the participants did really well and some even managed to stand up on the horses back on their first try!

Vaulting is great for practicing flexibility, balance, coordination, core stability, good sportsmanship and it is also a whole lot of fun for all ages!

Thank you to everyone that made it! The team is looking forward to many more future Kids’ Club days!

The Kids’ Club team



Another Wonderful Gala Evening

Ham House Gala  guests on Sunday, July 9th saw a beautiful dressage and driving display from Minette, Vicky and Andy and then settled down to listen to an outstanding musical programme played by David le Page and Viv McLean.  The setting sun over Ham Polo ground and its attractive club house made a perfect evening for all the guests and helpers alike.

During the interlude an auction was held to raise money for the Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders.  The Diamond Centre is one of the largest in the world and was the first purpose built place for disabled riding in the UK.  It operates entirely by volunteer fundraising, receiving no public money whatsoever.

There are 300 -plus volunteers, 340 riders and 30 horses, providing and enjoying activities from general horse riding to Paralympic Dressage.  Hippotherapy, carriage driving and vaulting are also available.

A donation will be made to the Diamond Centre very soon.



Minette’s Riding Checklist

Pupils of Minette’s can have a free version of her famous, “Riding Checklist”.  This is a visual guide to how to sit and how to hold your body during riding, in order to get the best experience for both rider and horse.

Just ask Minette for futher details.Box -3


Riding is a wonderful form of exercise

Talking of planning ahead, scientists speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, said that physical exercise is as important as mental exercise in promoting a healthy long life. The Times actually quoted the researchers as saying that exercise is essential to “grow back your brain”!

Hoof, the Olympic Legacy equestrian web site, has lots of interesting, up to date information about the health benefits of riding.

You can read them by visiting the Hoof website.