July 9th Gala Evening of Music and Horses at Ham Polo Club


The 2017 Ham House Stables Gala Evening will be held at Ham Polo Club on the evening of July 9th.  Original dressage, riding and driving displays with precede a programme of original music from David le Page and his talented musicians.  


This year’s event is in support of The Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders.

For tickets please contact Jane Walsh at janemark7@btinternet.com


A Super Start for Kids’ Club at Ham House Stables

What a terrific time everyone had during the half term Ham House Stables Kids’ Club sessions!  Pony games combined with riding skills and learning more about how horses and ponies live to give super sessions to our young participants.

“Thanks to everyone who took part and everyone who helped” says Minette Rice Edwards and please look out for our summer holiday Kids’ Club events, which will be starting soon.

£5,000.00-plus Donation to Operation Centaur

The Ham House Stables gala evening, held at Ham Polo Club on Sunday July 10th was an outstanding success.  A beautiful Pas de Deux dressage display was held in the evening sunshine to David Le Page’s haunting and original music. Then the 160 -plus guests were treated to a concert from David and his colleagues, Viv McLean and Rowena Calvert.  A auction has held and this together with the proceeds from tickets sales has so far, enabled a donation of £5,000.00 to be promised to Operation Centaur.

Vaulting at Ham House Stables


SATURDAYS, ONLY £33.00!Valuting

Come and try gymnastics on horseback and develop your vaulting skills with the Saturday morning vaulting team.

Previous riding experience is not necessary.

Sessions last for 90 minutes, from 10.30am onwards.  6 year olds and above are welcome.

Book in the main client diary at Ham House Stables for as many sessions as you wish, remembering that 48 hours’ notice is required for cancellations

Minette’s Riding Checklist

Pupils of Minette’s can have a free version of her famous, “Riding Checklist”.  This is a visual guide to how to sit and how to hold your body during riding, in order to get the best experience for both rider and horse.

Just ask Minette for futher details.Box -3


Riding is a wonderful form of exercise

Talking of planning ahead, scientists speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, said that physical exercise is as important as mental exercise in promoting a healthy long life. The Times actually quoted the researchers as saying that exercise is essential to “grow back your brain”!

Hoof, the Olympic Legacy equestrian web site, has lots of interesting, up to date information about the health benefits of riding.

You can read them by visiting the Hoof website.